Magnetic Clasp Instructions

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How to install a magnetic clasp

To install a magnetic clasp on the upper portion of a purse or bag....

you will need to install the clasp on the lining of your bag.

First cut out your lining pattern.

In the following pictures I will be doing a portion of a lining top.

You will need to gather everything together and have handy.

Your lining, small sharp pointed scissors, a purchased magnetic clasp, tape measure, pins, two 2" squares of a firm interfacing or plastic (like a milk jug or plastic canvas)and a pen or marker.

Step1) Find the center of your lining, if your purse lining is 12" wide. Your center is 6", then measure down 2". Making sure you work on the inside of fabric only.

The magnetic clasp has four parts. Use one of the washers as a marking tool and mark on both side slits in the washer.

It should look like this. Can you see the magnetic clasp parts? They all measure the same so it makes no difference which washer or part goes where.

Using the same measurements measure and mark both pieces of your lining as well as the two squares of interfacing.

After you are done measuring and marking all pieces... you will then use a sharp small pair of scissors and clip through the marks. Make sure not to clip too big of an opening, just enough to get the clasp claws through the cuts.

Now from the right side of your lining insert one of the clasp pieces. You can see (hopefully) that that prongs go through the lining so that they show in the back of lining.

Your final step goes like this.

Clasp part through the lining, add a square of interfacing you marked and cut, add a washer then bend the prongs facing away from each other.

It will look like this (pic below)

Now do the other piece of lining and guess what?

You have done your magnetic clasp.

Now wasn't that easy.

I hope this helped you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me


Feel free to download and use images.