**How to make a zippered Change Purse

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What you will need to construct a change purse/ make up bag

First thing to do is decide how big you would like your bag.

It could be you want a make up bag or a change purse.

For this tutorial we will be using. 7" x 7" fabric for the outer part and

7" x 7" fabric for the lining and a 9" zipper.

If you would like a stiffer purse, use a 7" x 7' piece of fusible interfacing and

iron this onto the back side of the outer fabric.

Step 2

Open the zipper a bit and pin the outer fabric (top edge folded in) to the top side of zipper,

one side at a time.

Then turn the whole thing over and do the same to the lining fabric.

Try to get the top fabric to line up with the lining fabric.

Pinning through alll fabrics

The purse will now look like this when you are looking at the top side of purse

Brief Description

Step 3) Sew the zipper

You can now sew the zipper in.

 Remember to go slowly and check to make sure that you are sewing through all fabrics. 

Don't forget to leave the zipper unzipped a bit so the next part of construction.

Step 4) Sewing the purse together

Now to sew the purse. Place the right sides of the outer purse together and pin in place. Then  pin the lining fabric together right sides touching.

Now at the bottom edge of lining, begin sewing... sewing all around the entire purse until you get to the bottom edge at the oposite side.

**note:  sew continuously but carefully over the zipper.

Step 5) Finishing the purse

After sewing the entire purse together leaving open the bottom end of lining for turning,

you will pull the outer purse through the lining Fold in the opening and sew up the opening. 

Finished purse

You now have a cute little change purse or make up bag

If you have any questions... please contact me at wvbecky01@suddenlink.net

Feel free to download and use images.